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YouTube gurus to watch

Youtube gurus

One of my favourite ways to unwind is with a mug of tea and a full YouTube subscription box. I love channels like Smoothiefreak, Community Channel,  Feminist Frequency, Drunk Feminist Films, and Broadly. The content I follow is predominantly female-produced, and those content creators are all intelligent, incisive, and witty.

My real YouTube addiction is delightful YouTube gurus, though. I have such #GirlCrushes on these ladies, who are equally as rad as the aforementioned content creators. I don’t even necessarily follow all their tips ‘n’ tricks: I watch less for the helpful tips, and more for the creativity and personality.

Here are…

7 of my favourite YouTube gurus—from A to S
  • Arden Rose. Probably my favourite of the YouTube gurus, although it’s just alphabetical coincidence that her name is coming first. This gal is quirky and delightful—like Zooey Deschanel’s little sister. She loves cats, books, Totoro, and flowers. Arden also produces kickass content, which has only continued to improve over the years that I’ve followed her. While I’ve been adoring the more conversational videos she’s been making lately, she also has a great aesthetic that shows through in any video style.

  • clothesencounters. Jenn Im’s style is edgy and fearless. She’ll keep it classic and casual, playing with neutral palettes; then she’ll whip out culottes, flatforms, dresses both slinky and oversized, and playful hats. She isn’t afraid to mix textures, layer, and throw on a pair of massively high heels. If you’re looking for style guidance, look no further than her “What Would Jenn Wear” series.

  • Estée Lalonde. A Canadian ex-pat with a love for tea and her greyhound named Reggie? Sign me up. This lady has impeccable taste, and is always completely genuine and honest with her viewers. I love her hauls (yes please to stationery unboxing), but I especially enjoy her #FEMTALK series. Also more videos about Reggie please, he is the sweetest little Goober.

  • The Fashion Citizen. A pair of twins from Arizona with style sense aplenty and sass to spare. These ladies are the ultimate thrift shoppers. I can’t help but laugh when they scoff at a $20-price tag, but they find truly amazing items while keeping the costs low. Steph and Melissa have very different styles: one’s a fan of dainty blouses, while the other is more likely to wear all black everything. The two still complement one another’s styles though, and find pieces that could easily suit both of them. Watch their videos for DIYs, fashion inspiration, and delightful banter.

  • Ingrid Nilsen. To be honest, I didn’t start watching Ingrid’s videos until her emotional coming out video went viral. I had heard of her videos, but I’d never checked them out. Her video tugged at my heartstrings though, and lawdy am I glad it did. I love getting fashion, makeup, and hair inspiration from this lovely lady. In addition to having great style, Ingrid’s a powerhouse: she interviewed Obama, and she frequently talks about the LGBTQIA community and gender rights on her channel. She has a talent for packaging serious issues with a relatable tone and accessible format. And if all that isn’t enough, she also makes a mean ceviche, y’all. Girl crushing hard right now.

  • LaMadelynn. In addition to reminding me of my good friend and pen pal, Maddie makes beautiful videos. Her content is full of quirk and kitsch. I want to steal her style, home decor, and hair/makeup—all of which manage to be colourful, edgy, quirky, and classic at the same time. Maddie has a sweet and gentle spirit that shines through, whether she’s doing a makeup tutorial or telling her viewers all about adorable pup Violet. 

  • SoothingSista. SoothingSista, a.k.a. Stephanie, is best friends with the aforementioned clothesencounters (Jenn Im). Their supportive friendship is wonderful to witness. Stephanie has edgy style that I covet. She rocks a kickass dark lip, band T-shirts, and neutral palettes to let her electric hair stand out. I wish I could pull off the range of hues—from rosy, to lilac, to blue, and on to Goosebumps green—that her hair has featured. Her hair, makeup, and fashion videos are all on point. And I have to mention her travel vlogs: her videos in Iceland have made it one of my top destination dreams.

Who are your favourite YouTube gurus to follow? Let me know in the comments below who I should subscribe to! 





Header image | by Alisa Anton, via StockSnap.

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