Talking tattoos


We present our aesthetics in different ways. Haircuts, makeup, and clothing all say something about us. It can be political or personal, small or significant.

Hair, makeup, clothing—they’re all temporary. Other modifications to our appearance, like piercings and tattoos, aren’t altered again so easily or quickly. They’re relatively permanent. They’re a commitment.

I recently got my first tattoo, after about a year of humming and hawing. I’d put the decision off, citing fears of pain and permanency. Then, I got tired of just pinning pictures on Pinterest, and took the plunge.

Big thank you to Vicki at East Van Inc. for giving me such a gorgeous tattoo!

If you’re thinking about getting tattoos: it felt like getting massaged by a cat; the forearm is a very comfortable place to get a tattoo (in my experience); if you want a comparison of pain, an epilator is basically spot-on; and, two weeks later, I’m still in love with the tat.

Crazy plant lady, goes and gets a tattoo of flowers. ?

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I like to joke that I got flowers inked on my skin because I am so bad at gardening. I adore flowers, herbs, succulents—just plants in general. If I get any other tattoos, I intend on turning my body into a field of flora. I’ve already started thinking about what I’ll get drawn where.


That’s about the extent to the meaning behind my tattoo. There’s no emotional, sentimental significance. I love hearing about people’s tattoo stories: my partner has gotten matching tattoos with some of his best friends; I have other pals who have gotten tattoos for their favourite animals or favourite places. I do occasionally consider getting a lil’ pizza tattoo, because pizza is everything. Long-term, though, I think my tattoos will all be strictly aesthetic choices. A lil’ lavender, a sprig of rosemary, perhaps some baby’s breath. I love full-body tattoos and the artistry behind them; for myself though, I like the look of dainty, delicate tats.

Do you have any ink? What is it? If you got a tattoo, what would it be of? 



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