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October Recap

October FavouritesThe days seem to pass us by at an increasingly fast pace. And even though I remember the notes from last month’s meeting, details of upcoming birthdays, and the ever growing laundry list of “stuff to do” (thanks, Google Calendar!), I find it harder and harder to remember the little moments that shape my day-to-day.

“No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away.” ― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore.

Those brief moments where you catch yourself laughing uncontrollably, or remind you to do better the next time around; those pockets of time with friends, which are rare as you enter adulthood as I’m discovering; those moments that bring a sense of softness or brevity to your day; those brief encounters that remind us that we’re human and we can make mistakes and the world will not go up in flames.

You get the idea.

Natalie and I want to share an ongoing monthly wrap-up of some of our favourite moments, key learnings, and things that made the month special.


October Favourites

October brought me to the first series of my yoga teacher training with two of my favourite teachers, Carolyn Anne Budgell and Clara Roberts-Oss. I anticipated long sweaty days in awkward postures discussing anatomy and yoga philosophy. I never intended to experience such a grand shift in perception and meet what I hope, becomes a new group of friends.

I’ve made an effort to visit my family and sisters on weekends. I tend to miss out on social gatherings and can’t check as many things off my list-of-utmost-important-things-I-need-to-do-to-be-successful. (Insert a wry tone here, please.) But spending weekends away really helped me re-evaluate the trade-offs that I make every day, and disconnect from the work/yoga/dinner-with-my-cat routine that I so easily fall into.

I bought myself a pair of rainboots; a fashion staple I’ve not invested in since I was just a wee thing in elementary school. Thanks to Vancouver’s temperate climate, I relied on cowboy boots and leather lace-ups when the weather turned wet and grey. But wet socks and wrinkly toes encouraged me to consider these ankle boots from J.CREW and I’ve worn them every day, rain or shine.


OctoberI’ve lately taken up a trend that has many an observer questioning, “Are you wearing a blanket?” To which I reply with a flip of my hair, “Technically, it’s a blanket-scarf.” But really, my ZARA scarf in a mustard tartan does seem to whinny horse-blanket. However cumbersome and evocative of Lenny Kravitz the fashion stable might be, it’s cozy perfection on a cold autumn day. I’ve settled comfortably into my grandmother identity—as evidenced here.

When I’m not swanning about swathed in a quilt, I’ve started going
for late-evening jogs with a good friend. She
gets off work, and we go for a light walk-jog (wog) together. Chit-chats on how our day has been, our goals and ambitions, or simple silence are the soundtrack to our lightly laboured breathing. It’s easy—and completely understandable—to be positively exhausted after a long day at the office. The mental activity takes a toll physically, as we slouch, grind our teeth, and forget to walk around or take a break. Finding a friend with whom to walk ‘n’ talk pushes me to decompress after a long day.

To further decompress, I’ve become addicted to drinking tea. Now, I should note: I’ve always been addicted to tea. My mom got me started on orange pekoe from a young age. My youth is overflowing with lovely moments spent sitting on the couch with her, hot tea a-brewing. I’ve had calluses from gripping full mugs, and my morning hasn’t quite begun without a cuppa. Recently I’ve moved away from sweet chais and pekoes packed with sweetener. Now it’s all about the herbal teas. Give me your mints, your greens, your spicy gingers and I’m in heaven. I’ll take a bag of Tetley or a loose leaf from David’s Tea, so long as it’s in hot water.



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