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In Retrospect | November


Goddamn, November was both good and tough. The US election and Leonard Cohen’s death both happened in the same week. If you haven’t watched Kate McKinnon sing “Hallelujah” as Hillary Clinton in SNL‘s opening on November 12, do yourself a favour and watch it now.

My birthday was in November as well, and it was a lovely reminder of all the wonderful people in my life. People often think it’s weird I like to make my own birthday cakes. I do it because I love baking, and because it lets me show appreciation for others.

In its tumultuousness, November was a time of growth and change, good or bad. See below for some reflections on the visuals, audibles, and edibles that made this month.

Visual | For my birthday, Stephanie gave me my very first cookbook: Plenty, full of beautiful photos and vegetarian recipes. I spent a quiet morning sipping coffee and flipping through it, imagining the meals I would make for good friends and family. A gift that is so full of potential — future dinner parties, Sundays spent dancing about the kitchen, simmering and sautéing — is perfection.

Audible | The new A Tribe Called Quest album, We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service. Such perfection. Not long ago, I felt like Lemonade and A Seat at the Table were the best albums of this year, and now I’m much more torn than I was.

Edible | This one goes out to the cakes and cocktails that I whipped together. One was a regular vanilla sheet cake, whose recipe I sourced from Stephanie. I topped it with a pink grapefruit, lavender buttercream, and it was tremendously tasty; my friend, who’s allergic to grapefruit, ate more than one slice, knowing that it meant an inevitable rash. I also made a delicious dark chocolate cake, and lavender gin and tonics (recipes for both to be posted soon!). My November was full of cooking and creating, and for that I’m very grateful.




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