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May recap

May recap

May slips into summer like a dream. The evenings stay brighter, the days are hotter, and a cold bottle of beer tastes all the more refreshing.

This month has been a good one. I’ve been pushing myself to do more things that make me anxious, in an attempt to combat my nervous nature. They’re all little things that are still within my comfort zone — it’s a good balance of comfortable discomfort. In between these self-experiments, I’ve also scraped up some favourite visuals, audibles, and edibles. Read on for my May recap:

Visual | My partner and I have been co-habitating for four months now, and our home is slowing getting pieced together. We have just one box that still needs to be sorted, and we still need a bike rack for our wall. One of the main features of our apartment—the statement piece, if you will—is our gallery wall. Good golly, it’s a thing of beauty. The below photo doesn’t do it justice (I’m horrendously unskilled at taking panos), but trust me. The eclectic collection of pictures is filling up the wall just right. Some of the prints are ones my parents decided to get rid of; some I found at Value Village for cheap; my partner bought a few for my birthday, and got one for his own birthday; and we bought some together, at garage sales and flea markets.

Gallery walls are an easy—and relatively cheap—way to to spice up your home decor. If you stake out second hand stores, flea markets, and garage sales as we have, you can easily find prints without spending tons of money. Our Cuba print on the far right was only $3 at a garage sale. Of course, it is a good idea to splurge a little bit on frames, but you don’t have to spend hundreds on professional jobs. If it fits the picture, even an inexpensive one from a dollar store can look sharp.

May recap

Audible | Stop what you’re doing. Pull up Spotify, Bandcamp, whatever. Search Oddisee. The rapper and producer recently released his latest album, The Odd Tape, and it is a smooth, jazz-infused wonder. This album is a sexy set, perfect for evenings of mixed drinks and dimmed lights—especially “Right Side of the Bed.” If you’re feeling more get-up-and-go, be sure to check out The Good Fight. Oddisee knows how to blend jazz, hip-hop, and soul into an addictive combination. His music can sit in the background, but will grab your attention.

Edible | Or rather, drinkable? I’ve never been a beer person, but since trying a French blanche from 33 Acres Brewing, I’ve warmed up to the cold beverage. I’ve been sampling ales form 33 Acres, Tofino Brewing Co., and more. Top of my list this month was Storm Brewing.

You’ll know you’ve reached the hole-in-the-wall brewery on Commercial Drive, when you come upon a building completely covered in graffiti. Bike on over and wander in for a sample. Be sure to bring a growler (or two) with you; if you’re like me, you’ll have a tough time deciding between the options on tap. The beer suits the exterior, with fun, summery drinks. I tried the cream soda ale and the raspberry lemonade, filling up two wee growlers. They were both delicious, and the cream soda ale paired delightfully with a Cyclone popsicle.

Honourable mentions | I have two honourable mentions for visual favourites: I got a bike! And a tattoo! I love them both dearly, and they’ve quickly become my favourite topics of conversation. Read my post on getting a new bike, and the story behind my tattoo.

What have been your favourites from the last month? Let me know in the comments below! 





Header image by Javier Diaz via StockSnap

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