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March recap


When I step back and consider how much my life has changed over the last year—heck, the last month—I’m a little astounded.

It’s easy to let moments, both large and seemingly little, slip past without recognizing their immensity. As we age, life seems a blur. There aren’t the same markers of time that we had in childhood. Seasons were made significant with traditions. Multi-coloured leaves crunching under tiny feet on the return to classes; cheeks numb from cold snow and big smiles; spring signalling the quick approach of summer, with family trips or lazy days tumbling around the yard. And time moved so slowly then. Now everything feels like it’s on fast forward.

With that in mind, I’m hitting pause to share a March recap. Here are some favourite moments, memories, and musings from the last month.

Body | I moved down the street from my old apartment about two months ago. Literally down the street: according to Google Maps, I’m about a 30-minute walk from where I used to live.

It’s a new-yet-familiar community, and one that suits me. I live closer to parks. While I’m farther away from some friends than I used to be, I’m closer to others. I’ve been going to workouts, checking out the local gym, and going for the (very occasional) jog around the park. I’m by no means working out every day, but it feels good to move after a day spent sitting at a desk.

Mind | I’m falling a wee bit behind on my goal to read a book a month this year. I started by polishing off Murakami’s The Windup Bird Chronicle (a book I’d honestly been working on since before January). I then started on a favourite author, John Steinbeck, with The Winter of Our Discontent. March has seen no progress.

Here’s the thing: I love to read, and I’ve enjoyed both of these books. Lately though, I’ve found myself deferring to podcasts and documentaries more. I fully intend on reading minimum 12 books this year. Still, it’s satisfying to simply let a story wash over you; to zip through a beginning, middle, and end within an evening. Here are a few of my favourite documentaries from the last month:

Spirit | Starting to work 8–4, rather than 9–5, has confirmed that I’m definitely an early-bird. My first day leaving the office at 4PM, I was practically skipping. I love emerging to sunshine and having a few hours to myself in the evening.

Getting up at 6:30AM is never easy. I always reward myself with a tasty breakfast and a big cup of coffee. Still, it’s nice to get a quiet, slow start to the day. Happiness can be in the smallest things—including adjusting your schedule by an hour.

Visual | My colleague—and the founder, producer, host, and hustler of She Built That—Tarah Ferguson, introduced me to my new favourite font. I want to use it on everything. Debby font is wild, wistful, and very West Coast.

March recap

Very honourable mention goes to my new couch. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, it’s also the first piece of real furniture I’ve ever bought. My first apartment was packed with inheritances: from my couch, to my tiny twin-sized bed, to my kitchen table. They were all discards from friends and family that I’d collected. Which is perfectly great—I still have many of those pieces in my new home. But it feels lovely and adult-like to make conscious choices about my home’s decor.

Audible | For lazy days: James Bay. Hilary Duff turned me onto this artist with an Instagram post. His music is sombre and pensive, but still has a good beat. Pair it with a lazy Sunday of books and brunch.

For busy days: Gold School, from Spotify. God damn, this playlist is good. It’s all classic hip hop that I could spend hours listening to. Tune in while cleaning and cooking, or just bustling about the house.

Edible | My favourite recipe from the last month has to be spiced lentils. It’s delicious with a big ol’ crust of  Terra Breads baguette covered in butter. Honourable mentions go to one-pot pad thaivegetarian shepherd’s pie, and coffee.

March recap



Any good documentary or music suggestions? Have a favourite from the last month? Let me know!

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