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In Retrospect | February


February passed in a flash. It feels like I only just reflected on January, and now suddenly it’s March! I’m midway through the semester, with graduation on the horizon, and so excited for what the rest of 2017 holds.

February has been positively packed: I celebrated three years with my partner, went to the amazing Science of Cocktails (more on that in the edible section), and saw a live recording of my favourite podcast My Favorite Murder. Read on for more musings on the month of February.

Visual | This is technically also an audible, but we’ll just let it overlap between the two categories: I went to the My Favorite Murder live podcast recording at the Vogue. My Favorite Murder is one of my top podcasts. It’s a perfect blend of feminism, comedy, and true crime. Whenever a new episode comes out, you can find me hunkered down on the couch listening with rapt attention. I’m so glad I did go in person, and not just because I got to see the hosts in person (from the fourth row!). Due to technical difficulties, the podcast episode didn’t actually get recorded; I wouldn’t have heard their take on BC true crime if I hadn’t gone! Bonus: I got to wear the My Favorite Murder T-shirt in public without getting strange stares.

Audible | I have adored listening to the band Tennis this past month. The husband and wife duo are just my kind of indie-pop. Their songs have beautiful, laid-back vibes — perfect for a lazy day of books and baking. I think my favourite song is probably “Modern Woman” (see below), but I’ve honesty been listening to all of their music on repeat for the last few weeks. Ten(nis) out of 10.

Edible | Science of Cocktails at Science World was a fantastic experience. The second annual fundraiser for Science World is a nerdy adult’s dream: one ticket gets you open-bar access to creative concoctions from a bunch of bartenders and chefs. I sampled whiskey, gin, and rum cocktails, and wandered about learning about science. It’s a bit of a splurge, but well-worth it for the fun food and lovely libations. Highly recommend!




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