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  • Eyebrows

    Eyebrows | An ode to imperfection

    Eyebrows are both the bane and love of my existence. I’m obsessed with cultivating the perfect frame for my face. I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent hunting…

  • autumn

    Pausing in autumn

    It’s my birthday today. I’m now 23 years old. This has been a good, full year, and I wanted to take a hot sec this autumn to think about the year to…

  • Top gardening tips

    Plant pals: Top gardening tips

    I love plants. I’m awful with plants. It seems every plant I’ve ever owned slowly curls up into itself, or gradually loses leaves until it’s barren. As I write this, one…

  • Hair and my struggle with self-acceptance

    Hair today, gone tomorrow

    My battle with body hair and self-acceptance For years I’ve struggled to accept being a hairy woman. I like to joke about it, but the truth is I’ve long loathed the…