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  • You should smile! Via Broad City

    If you just smile

    The subtle subjugation of saying “You should smile.” I was walking home from the SkyTrain one evening when out of the shadows emerged a hooded figure with a gravelly voice. “Smile,…

  • Thankful for autumn


    In my home growing up, Thanksgiving has always been an event. Annual congregations around a table that has fluctuated in length, but invariably stretched through the dining room and across the…

  • Exploring

    Care Less: A Note on Perspective

    “You have to become your own teacher and your own disciple.” – Krishnamanturi CARELESS I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what it means to be careless: thoughtlessly interacting without…

  • Boxing for body positivity

    Boxing for body positivity

    A year ago, I decided to work on being more body positive towards myself and others. The body positive movement seeks to challenge traditional, exclusive conceptions of beauty, showing the spectrum…