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  • Eyebrows
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    Eyebrows | An ode to imperfection

    Eyebrows are both the bane and love of my existence. I’m obsessed with cultivating the perfect frame for my face. I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent hunting…

  • nat's edit

    Pausing in autumn

    It’s my birthday today. I’m now 23 years old. This has been a good, full year, and I wanted to take a hot sec this autumn to think about the year to…

  • October recap
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    October recap 2016

    How’s that for coming full circle: I started creating this post, simply calling it “October recap,” only to realize there’s another post with the same name already on the site. I’ve…

  • self-care
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    Self-care: 25 ways

    Self-care is so important, but it’s easy to forget its significance. We get caught up in the daily rush of life. We miss slowing down, pausing to breathe, to reflect, to…