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    In retrospect | March

    As I write this, I have a countdown clock ticking down to my vacation. I’m heading to Barcelona and Dublin in just over 20 days. I only have a take-home exam…

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    In Retrospect | February

    February passed in a flash. It feels like I only just reflected on January, and now suddenly it’s March! I’m midway through the semester, with graduation on the horizon, and so…

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    Boxing for body positivity

    A year ago, I decided to work on being more body positive towards myself and others. The body positive movement seeks to challenge traditional, exclusive conceptions of beauty, showing the spectrum…

  • January
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    In Retrospect | January

    Hi there. Long time, no talk. The end of 2016 and beginning of a new year are well behind us. January’s over, and resolutions have been abandoned. Holiday decorations have either…

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    In Retrospect | November

    Goddamn, November was both good and tough. The US election and Leonard Cohen’s death both happened in the same week. If you haven’t watched Kate McKinnon sing “Hallelujah” as Hillary Clinton…