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  • Mushroom five cheese lasagna

    Mushroom five cheese lasagna

    For my birthday, my darling Steph gave me my very first cookbook. Not just any cookbook. Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi: a collection of beautiful vegetarian recipes that flip the script on what…

  • Dark chocolate cake

    Dark chocolate cake

    Dark chocolate cake is a dessert staple. It can be hard to go wrong with cocoa, butter, and sugar, but finding the exact right recipe is the real trick. I’m a…

  • Bagels

    Bagels in one quick afternoon

    I recently spent a cozy afternoon with Stephanie, making bagels in the comfort of her new home. We spent time yeasting, kneading, rolling, boiling, and baking; walking around Mount Pleasant and…

  • Roast Thanksgiving turkey

    Roast turkey

    Recently, I hit pause on being a pescatarian to roast turkey for my good friends. It was a daunting prospect. Having very little experience with poultry — and knowing that the…