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  • Butternut squash coconut curry

    Butternut squash coconut curry

    Curling up with a healthy vegetarian squash curry Sundays in my home are cozy as heck this autumn. Every week, my SO and I do our regular chores — laundry, groceries,…

  • Apple cider old fashioned

    Apple cider old fashioneds

    A spicy twist on the traditional old fashioned One cozy Sunday, I met up with a few of my lovely pals for an afternoon of sippin’ cocktails and makin’ bouquets. We…

  • pumpkin loaf

    Pumpkin loaf

    Delicious, simple pumpkin loaf on a cool autumn day ‘Tis the season for decorative gourds and baked goods! Autumn’s my favourite time of year. Rich hues of red, orange, and brown…

  • brussels sprouts

    Festive Brussels sprouts

    Brussels sprouts for your next Thanksgiving get-together When I was a wee one, I loathed Brussels sprouts. Eating them every Thanksgiving and Boxing Day was pure torture. One year, I remember…

  • Vegetarian lasagna

    Saucy lasagna

    Welcoming fall with vegetarian lasagna Vancouver’s begun to welcome autumn. Arms widespread; blanket scarves thoroughly wrapped; Pumpkin Spice Lattes overflowing. This turn for the frigid also me craving sumptuous comfort food.…