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Cake’s ludicrously luxurious. Covering pastry in thick frosting and whimsical embellishments is always a recipe for success. To be honest, I’m personally more of a pie proponent. Still, I adore the plethora of ways you can decorate the dessert. Have a birthday, graduation, or other celebration coming up? Check out this list of recipes and decorations.

  1. Bon Appétit and Momofuku Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi make the most gorgeous birthday cake.
  2. Herb-infused dishes from A Subtle Revelry.
  3. Hungry Rabbit‘s All-American strawberry-banana milkshake cake.
  4. Milly’s Kitchen makes a divine almond crepe with raspberry rose cream.
  5. The Kate Tin‘s mixes flavours with the Neapolitan ice cream cake.
  1. Try a minimalist look with Just Destiny‘s naked cakes.
  2. Or dress up a grocery store dessert with Buzzfeed‘s top tips.
  3. Take inspiration from plant life! Get advice from the Kitchy Kitchen for decorating with flowers. Alternatively, recreate the Girls with Glassesmini succulent sweets.
  4. For more whimsy, try topping off with toy animals. Guaranteed to be delightful, if Petit & Small‘s cake is anything to go by.
  5. For a dessert that pops, Lovely Indeed has the right idea: just cover your cakes with colourful candy.

And of course, the Minimalist has you covered for recipes as well:

  1. Lemon blackberry cake. That’s right, you too can have a gorgeous gateau like this post’s header image.
  2. Mix beets with your chocolate, for a dessert that’s both decadent and moist.
  3. Try something totally different, with cake-mix doughnuts. Want a twist on cake pops? Try making doughnut pops instead! Just plop your mini-doughnuts on some lollipop sticks.

Ladies who doughnut. Cc: @bystephie @kaatgee @leahjuneb ???????

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