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Welcome to Book Clüb: a space to slow down, stop, and appreciate good literature. I lumber out of bed at 6:30 a.m. every workday, to wake up with tea and a book. Here, I share my favourite texts. Enjoy, and tell me what I should pick up next!


Graphic novels delight me, but I actually haven’t read very many. I of course read the Scott Pilgrim series (so good) — my boyfriend and I actually dressed as Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers one Halloween. I’ve also picked up a copy of Soppy for my SO (so cute). I haven’t tapped into the graphic novel genre much though, outside of those lovely lil’ texts.

One day over summer 2016, I was a-wanderin’ and stumbled across a neighbourhood library nook: one of those little cupboards built on a random corner, filled with book donations from neighbours and passersby. (TBH, I think I was walking my bike up a long and arduous hill because I cannot handle Vancouver’s sharp inclines.) In the wee nook was this copy of Embroideries, by Marjane Satrapi. While I haven’t read Persepolis, I have seen the movie. I loved the story, and the distinct illustration style of her work.


Embroideries is an exploration of sexuality in Iran, throughout several generations of women. It’s set in a gossipy afternoon between a group of ladies, and all their different experiences and perspectives. It’s a quick, fun, enjoyable read. The illustration style is sharp, high-contrast, and distinctly Satrapi. She plays with lines to create dynamic interactions in static illustrations. There is a sense of humour and play in both the dialogues and the drawings.

If you’re interested in Iranian culture, sexuality, or graphic novels, I would highly recommend Satrapi’s Embroideries. You can finish it in an evening, with a glass of red wine to pair.




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