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  • Breaking bread

    Breaking bread: Brunch and baes

    Exploring the importance of breaking bread and creating community “my heart aches for sisters more than anything it aches for women helping women like flowers ache for spring” – Rupi Kaur, Milk…

  • SEO search engine optimization

    Ditching SEO

    Quality and quantity over search queries The Minimalist is in flux. I recently did a massive audit of the content I’ve published to the Minimalist over the past two years. Some…

  • You should smile! Via Broad City

    If you just smile

    The subtle subjugation of saying “You should smile” I was walking home from the SkyTrain one evening when out of the shadows emerged a hooded figure with a gravelly voice. “Smile,…

  • Vegetarian lasagna

    Saucy lasagna

    Welcoming fall with vegetarian lasagna Vancouver’s begun to welcome autumn. Arms widespread; blanket scarves thoroughly wrapped; Pumpkin Spice Lattes overflowing. This turn for the frigid also me craving sumptuous comfort food.…

  • Thankful for autumn


    In my home growing up, Thanksgiving has always been an event. Annual congregations around a table that has fluctuated in length, but invariably stretched through the dining room and across the…