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Meet | Stephanie Trembath

An editorial catalog with an appreciation for simplicity over style, The Minimalist shares Stephanie’s passion for writing and exploration of art and visual treasures.

Stephanie graduated from Simon Fraser University with a major in English. For the last four years, she dabbled in marketing, social media, and community roles with digital agencies and tech startups in Vancouver, BC.

In 2015 Stephanie completed her 200-hour YTT and has since dedicated herself to exploring modes of expression through physical movement and meditation. You can see her teaching schedule, here.

Stephanie’s passion for words, writing, creativity, and exploring the many facets of expression through dialogue and movement continue to inspire her every day, which you may see snippets of on The Minimalist.

Style: Eyebrows, only| Naked w/o: Curiosity | Drink: Coffee over cocktails | Obsession: Words by Albert Camus | Studied: English, Literature | Sign: Capricorn Lady | Weakness: Anything by Nils Frahm | Lives: Modestly

Photo cred Bodhi Studios