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    YouTube gurus to watch

    One of my favourite ways to unwind is with a mug of tea and a full YouTube subscription box. I love channels like Smoothiefreak, Community Channel,  Feminist Frequency, Drunk Feminist Films, and Broadly. The content I follow is predominantly female-produced, and those content creators are all intelligent, incisive, and witty. My real YouTube addiction is delightful YouTube gurus, though. I have such #GirlCrushes on these ladies, who are equally as rad as the aforementioned content creators. I don’t even necessarily follow all…

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  • Toast three ways

    Toast three ways

    I love cooking. The process of planning dinner parties, cooking, and eating with/feeding others delights me to no end. Occasionally though, a gal’s gotta go the simple route. Making toast is sometimes…

  • May recap

    May recap

    May slips into summer like a dream. The evenings stay brighter, the days are hotter, and a cold bottle of beer tastes all the more refreshing. This month has been a…

  • pablo

    Month of Meals | May

      In case you hadn’t guessed, we really like food over here at the Minimalist. Thinking about how often I whip out the ol’ Foodie app, take a flatlay, and tag #culinarycontessas,…

  • Tattoos

    Talking tattoos

    We present our aesthetics in different ways. Haircuts, makeup, and clothing all say something about us. It can be political or personal, small or significant. Hair, makeup, clothing—they’re all temporary. Other modifications to our…

  • Vancouver biking
    nat's edit

    Stop worrying — start biking

    Biking goes with summer like ice cream on a sunny, sweltering day. Is there anything funner or more liberating than an early morning (or midday, or evening) ride? To be honest, I’ve had…