Vol 1 // issue 1



    If you just smile

    The subtle subjugation of saying “You should smile.” I was walking home from the SkyTrain one evening when out of the shadows emerged a hooded figure with a gravelly voice. “Smile, beautiful, it’s hard to keep a straight face like that,” he said to me as I hastened my pace and evaded his gaze. This is a familiar narrative to a lot of women: that tale of being jolted out of a daily reverie by some exhortation about smiling. I…

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  • Vegetarian lasagna

    Saucy lasagna

    Welcoming fall with vegetarian lasagna Vancouver’s begun to welcome autumn. Arms widespread; blanket scarves thoroughly wrapped; Pumpkin Spice Lattes overflowing. This turn for the frigid also me craving sumptuous comfort food.…

  • Thankful for autumn


    In my home growing up, Thanksgiving has always been an event. Annual congregations around a table that has fluctuated in length, but invariably stretched through the dining room and across the…

  • Guide to good books in Vancouver bookstores

    Your guide to Vancouver’s bookstores

    Skip the bookstore chains and explore Vancouver’s best I. Fucking. Love. Books. I started 2017 wanting to read more books. It was a vague goal, but one that I’ve managed to…

  • Canal in Dublin, Ireland

    Dublin in photos

    This is part two of two posts, on my recent trip to Europe. I went to New York for 10 hours (layover), Barcelona for six days, and Dublin for four days.…