Vol 1 // issue 1


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    Hair today, gone tomorrow

    My battle with body hair and self-acceptance For years I’ve struggled to accept being a hairy woman. I like to joke about it, but the truth is I’ve long loathed the dark, coarse hair on my pale arms and legs. I don’t want to encourage this view at all, but for years it’s made me feel unfeminine. In my youth, shitty friends have commented on my body hair. They’d note when I didn’t do a good job of shaving —…

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  • Roast chicken

    Roast chicken dinner

    Technically, I’m a pescatarian. I’ve oscillated between vegetarianism and pescatarianism since I was 17. I believe people should consume less meat, or at least consider where their food is coming from. Yet, I also…

  • PKSJD614N1

    YouTube gurus to watch

    One of my favourite ways to unwind is with a mug of tea and a full YouTube subscription box. I love channels like Smoothiefreak, Community Channel,  Feminist Frequency, Drunk Feminist Films,…

  • Toast three ways

    Toast three ways

    I love cooking. The process of planning dinner parties, cooking, and eating with/feeding others delights me to no end. Occasionally though, a gal’s gotta go the simple route. Making toast is sometimes…

  • May recap

    May recap

    May slips into summer like a dream. The evenings stay brighter, the days are hotter, and a cold bottle of beer tastes all the more refreshing. This month has been a…

  • pablo

    Month of Meals | May

      In case you hadn’t guessed, we really like food over here at the Minimalist. Thinking about how often I whip out the ol’ Foodie app, take a flatlay, and tag #culinarycontessas,…