Vol 1 // issue 1


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    Plant pals: Top gardening tips

    I love plants. I’m awful with plants. It seems every plant I’ve ever owned slowly curls up into itself, or gradually loses leaves until it’s barren. As I write this, one of my air plants is dead and buried in the compost, while the other one seems increasingly sickly as each day passes. Gertrude is hanging in there, although I think the buzzing fruit flies, attracted to our compost bin, might have weakened her a bit. Either that or everything I…

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    Vancouver Mural Festival: #ArtTakesOver

    The Vancouver Mural Festival took over the city on August 20: newly commissioned murals across Mount Pleasant inspired Vancouverites to get outside, get on a bike, and get to exploring their neighbourhood.…

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    Hair today, gone tomorrow

    My battle with body hair and self-acceptance For years I’ve struggled to accept being a hairy woman. I like to joke about it, but the truth is I’ve long loathed the…

  • Roast chicken

    Roast chicken dinner

    Technically, I’m a pescatarian. I’ve oscillated between vegetarianism and pescatarianism since I was 17. I believe people should consume less meat, or at least consider where their food is coming from. Yet, I also…

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    YouTube gurus to watch

    One of my favourite ways to unwind is with a mug of tea and a full YouTube subscription box. I love channels like Smoothiefreak, Community Channel,  Feminist Frequency, Drunk Feminist Films,…

  • Toast three ways

    Toast three ways

    I love cooking. The process of planning dinner parties, cooking, and eating with/feeding others delights me to no end. Occasionally though, a gal’s gotta go the simple route. Making toast is sometimes…