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    Mushroom five cheese lasagna

    For my birthday, my darling Steph gave me my very first cookbook. Not just any cookbook.Β Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi: a collection of beautiful vegetarian recipes that flip the script on what you thought veg food was. Some people shy away from a vegetarian lifestyle, for fear of boring, tasteless food; they’re in love with braised lamb, roast chicken, and any meal that features bacon. This book is proof in the (vegan) pudding that veg food can be delicious and ethical.…

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    Dark chocolate cake

    Dark chocolate cake is a dessert staple. It can be hard to go wrong with cocoa, butter, and sugar, but finding the exact right recipe is the real trick. I’m a…

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    In Retrospect | November

    Goddamn, November was both good and tough. The US election and Leonard Cohen’s death both happened in the same week. If you haven’t watched Kate McKinnon sing “Hallelujah” as Hillary Clinton…

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    Bagels in one quick afternoon

    I recently spent a cozy afternoon with Stephanie, making bagels in the comfort of her new home. We spent time yeasting, kneading, rolling, boiling, and baking; walking around Mount Pleasant and…

  • Eyebrows
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    Eyebrows | An ode to imperfection

    Eyebrows are both the bane and love of my existence. I’m obsessed with cultivating the perfect frame for my face. I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent hunting…

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    Pausing in autumn

    It’s my birthday today. I’m nowΒ 23 years old. This has been a good, full year, and I wanted to take a hot sec this autumn to think about the year to…