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    Stop worrying — start biking

    Biking goes with summer like ice cream on a sunny, sweltering day. Is there anything funner or more liberating than an early morning (or midday, or evening) ride? To be honest, I’ve had a bike for about two years, and never really rode it. It sat on my roommate’s balcony until we moved, then sat in my living room—untouched, collecting dust and rust. I genuinely thought I was incapable of biking for the longest time. This, despite the fact that my father and…

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  • gardening
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    Misadventures in gardening

    I think of myself as being such a maternal person. I show love for others through food, like your stereotypical Italian woman. I love animals so much, I gave up eating…

  • BCIC
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    Three lessons from working at BCIC

    Through a co-op program at Simon Fraser University (SFU), I’ve just polished off eight months working at the BC Innovation Council (BCIC). BCIC is many things: a Crown Government Agency, an…

  • April recap

    April recap

    I’m late writing an April recap. The bridge between April and May has been one of the most hectic periods of 2016 so far. In the last week of April, I…

  • Work from home

    How to work from home

    I recently underwent a big transition: I went from that 9-to-5 (or, more accurately, 8-to-4) life, back to that student life. My schedule’s erratic. I go to classes some days and…

  • Life's a beach
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    Life’s a beach in Tofino

    “Life’s a beach” is part three of a three part series on my stay in Tofino. Catch my guide to vacationing in “Tofino without a car” and “Tofino in pictures.”  I believe this quote is in…